Care Instructions

Useful tips

  • Durability and resistence : aside from the fact that kilims are considered works of art, they were designed above all to be used and walked upon. The hand-weaved carpets are often durable and resistant, you can leave them on the floor without worry.
  • Technical tip & comfort : for the traditional kilims, we advise you to use an anti-slip adhésive. This should be cut within the dimensions of the kilim and applied directly onto the floor to secure the kilim in place and avoid slips and use.
  • The contemporary kilims have a double-lining and do not need another layer.

Care instructions

  • Regular cleaning with a vacuum. Ecological cleaning: turn over the carpet outside onto your lawn, even if wet, will absorb dust. More expensive and less natural cleaning: dry cleaning.
  • Specific stain treatment cleaning (wine, mud....) : seek a professional cleaners
  • Hand washing : it is advised to use water and soap. Wash your kilim outside with a hose while avoiding aggressive detergents. Use a 100% natural soap or carpet shampoo. DO NOT SOAK your kilim. DRY IT OUT FLAT outside (on the grass, gravel, avoiding tiled areas so the water can drain), as you may risk the colours bleeding.

In case of accidental stains

Remove all the solid bits from th estain. Absorb all the liquid with paper towel or a towel.
You may then treat the stain : in a shallow bucket, soaking the stain. Wet the stain with clear water until it is completely diluted. Absorb the liquid with the towel or sponge and finish with a hair dryer. The faster you dry the stain, the less chance you'll have a ring.

  • Greasy stains : apply a professional stain remover for greasy stains and follow instructions
  • Candle drippings : apply blotting paper over the wax, pass a hot iron over the stain until the wax is completely absorbed.